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1 Italian violin maker in Cremona; taught the craft to Guarneri and Stradivari (1596-1684) [syn: Nicolo Amati, Nicola Amati]
2 a violin made by a member of the Amati family

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  1. a violin made by a member of the Amati family.

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Amati is the name of a family of Italian violin makers, who flourished at Cremona from about 1549 to 1740.

Family members

Andrea Amati

Andrea Amati (ca. 1505 – ca. 1578) was the earliest maker of violins whose instruments still survive today. Indeed he seems more or less responsible for giving the instruments of the modern violin family their definitive profile. A small number of his instruments survive, dated between the years of 1564 and 1574 and most bearing the coat of arms of Charles IX of France.

Antonio and Girolamo Amati

Andrea Amati was succeeded by his sons Antonio Amati (born ca. 1550) and Girolamo Amati (1551-1635). "The Brothers Amati", as they were known, implemented far-reaching innovations in design, including the perfection of the shape of the f-holes. They are also thought to have pioneered the modern alto format of viola, in contrast to older tenor violas.

Nicolo Amati

Nicolò Amati (December 3, 1596April 12, 1684) was the son of Girolamo Amati. He was the most eminent of the family. He improved the model adopted by the rest of the Amatis and produced instruments capable of yielding greater power of tone. His pattern was unusually small, but he also made a wider model now known as the "Grand Amati", which have become his most sought-after violins.
Of his pupils, the most famous were Antonio Stradivari and Andrea Guarneri, the first of the Guarneri family of violin makers. (There is much controversy regarding the apprenticeship of Antonio Stradivari. While Stradivari's first known violin states that he was a pupil of Amati, the validity of his statement is questioned.)

Girolamo Amati

The last maker of the family was Nicolo's son, Girolamo Amati, known as Hieronymus II (February 26, 1649February 21, 1740). Although he improved on the arching of his father's instruments, by and large they are inferior and no match for the greatest maker of his day, Antonio Stradivari.

Extant Amati instruments

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A string, Cremona, D string, E string, G string, Strad, Stradivari, Stradivarius, bass, bass viol, bow, bridge, bull fiddle, cello, contrabass, crowd, double bass, fiddle, fiddlebow, fiddlestick, fingerboard, kit, kit fiddle, kit violin, scroll, soundboard, string, tenor violin, tuning peg, viola, violin, violinette, violoncello, violoncello piccolo, violone, violotta
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